Home again, home again

July 28, 2004

Home from a trip to the beach - we went down the shore to visit with my sister and her family who were back for a couple of weeks from their home in the Western desert.

I am not sure what the highlight was, it might have been that on the 4th day at the shore the toddler finally stopped being afraid of the ocean, largely because my brother and I dug him a little wading pool and sand castle that he could use to watch the rising tide, and that let him figure out that the waves were more fun than scary.

It might also have been watching my nephew chase his uncle around, and watching my toddler chasing the nephew around, like 3 ducks in a row, all wanting attention and play with the bigger duck up ahead. (does that make any sense?)

Or, it might well have been the first day, where we overlapped with some old friends and their kids, and we had 10 adults and 6 kids for breakfast. Thats a full house!

Oh, and one day we took the toddler to the zoo in the afternoon. He saw a lion and was hypnotized by it. I think we get to take him to the local zoo one day when we will have more time to spend looking at critters.

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