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June 01, 2004

I did not kill the Amber Queen (yet) -- she is showing new leaves above the mulch from two of her canes. One cane is dried out and dead, and the fourth cane is not sure if it is alive or dead. Still, two is enough to have a rose bush. Yay.

The Red Alert tomatoes are blooming, this is a good thing. The Legends are not yet in flower, although the legend tomatoes I gave to mom already have their first little tomato pea on them. Her plants are continuing the head-start that her greenhouse windows gave them.

I planted the vinca I started from seed - they are still very small. I also seeded the rest of the vinca into the cut flower garden, and those seedlings are now up. While I was at it I bought some more dianthus and put them in on one side of the front garden, around the yellow dream rose which is itself about to bloom.

So, all in all the front garden is looking raggedy but green. Good enough for me.

We also ordered the new bulbs for the fall - tulips, crocus, and anemone all did well so we got more of them. We will transplant J's tulips to another bed and see if they do better someplace else - they are not doing well where they are.

So far I am killing about a third of my plants, having a third of them struggle, and having a third of them thrive. Not bad for my first year in the new soil.

EDIT - I am spraying my roses for black spot every Tuesday and after every heavy rain. It rained a LOT over the weekend so the plants needed a good prophylactic spraying; I sprayed mid-day after the plants had dried out. It just now showered again around 4:00 - not sure if the rain washed all my fine new fungicide off the leaves.

Posted by Red Ted at June 1, 2004 04:04 AM | TrackBack

Is there a method for treating black spot without a spray?

Posted by: Claire at June 3, 2004 04:39 AM

Not really; not so far as I can tell.

You can deter it without spraying - trim the rose so that there is a lot of open space and air movement, clip off any leaf that shows the early signs of the fungus, etc. But once the fungus shows, and I am pretty sure the canes themselves are infected on my plants, all you can do is spray.

The modern sprays are less dangerous and less effective than the old carcinogenic sprays; many 3rd-world growers still use the dangerous sprays and then sell cheap roses in the US (and I guess Britain as well).

Posted by: Red Ted at June 3, 2004 06:52 AM
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