Blivet 2b

June 21, 2004

Well, right now chapter 2b, the new chapter 3, is a blivet. (1)

I need to go back through and check for consistency in my argument -- did I say one thing on page 12 and the opposite on page 24? I also have to make sure that I sourced things properly, and expand the footnotes, and see if I can thicken the evidence, and all those other wonderful things that separate a draft from something you can show around.

Still, it is 40 pages all in a row - even if it is still a blivet. (It also stole a few pages from the overly long chapter right after it and the overly busy chapter right before it. Which should help both of them.)

Blivet - 10 pounds of shit in a 40 page draft 5 pound bag.

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