Sunday Garden Blogging

April 11, 2004

I think I might want to permanantly move my little meme from Saturday to Sunday. Then again, it will likely bounce back and forth a bit.

I have had a busy few days in the garden. I am grading papers. I hate to grade papers. And so, I will grade a couple of papers, then do yardwork, then grade a couple of papers, then do yardwork. So far the yard looks great but I still have a couple of dozen papers to grade.

I mowed the lawn and seeded the thin spots again - this time with some extra soil to fill the holes that the hound dug in the back yard.

I planted the new roses the day they arrived - one yellow, one white, both boring modern roses from Edmunds' Roses out in Oregon. It was hard finding a disease resistant rose about four feet tall - I am curious to see how these work out. I followed directions - dig a hole, make a cone, spread the roots, mulch everything. While I was at it I also mulched the five old roses.

I also bought a couple of hanging baskets for the front, filling one with pansies and the other with dianthus. If I don't like the way they look I will trash their contents and replant them - J wants petunias in the baskets but it is not yet petunia season.

I also repotted the peppers from the seed starter into peat pots. I have ten Thai dragons, about as many hero peppers, and almost thirty jalapenos. I am thinking about re-arranging the garden plan and planting a great mass of jalapenos by the back fence. The scary thing is that I only started about half the seeds in the japapeno packet - I could have had even more medium-strength peppers. I will be giving jalapenos away - I have promised four to my parents, three to a neighbor, and three to my brother. I might slip a couple to the brother in law. That will reduce the oversupply of medium peppers to a managable level.

The toddler helped - he was amazingly cute as he did so. He would hand me the next peat pot, then play with peat pots until I was ready for another one. He was scooping dirt out of the seed starter and putting it in a pot, stopping once to taste it (yucky) and stopping a few times to wave his hands in front of his chest and shout "YAY." Later he went sliding on the bed of the new wheelbarrow. After I assembled the wheelbarrow he wanted to push it around but it was too tippy for him.

We will be growing tomatoes and jalapenos and cilantro. We have some garlic already growing by the roses (non-edible since I spray the roses) - all I need for salsa is some sweet onions.

The monsella tulips are starting to open. The daffodils by the back fence are open and do look a little sparse as I feared they would. The crocus by the back rose are in bloom and look very impressive. The miniature snow glories in the front are coming up late and one at a time. The roses all show some leaves, with the two on the sunrise side showing the most growth and the crimson showing the least.

There are some holes in the front. I will fill with pansies for now, but after looking at what other folks have done I will probably get some purple and white hyacinths to help me transition between crocus and tulips in the front garden.

That is about it in the garden. The African daisy seedlings did die as expected. The pansies and balsam are hanging out without doing much - the pansies mostly have three little leaves, the balsam still only two leaves. I might try pansies again, but if I do I will start lots of them and start them 12 weeks before early April. I will seed the rest of the balsam after Mother's day and see what happens.

I also broke down and bought a packet of the tall flanders poppies. I had intended to put them along the back fence, but J sez it will look bad especially if I have extra peppers there.

What I think I will do is
1, spade up the bit at the side of the house where I want to put tomatoes
2, decide if tomatoes really will grow there or not
3, do a preliminary staking of the location for the Thai dragons and hero peppers
4, decide if I am keeping the tomatoes and peppers in their spot
5, re-think what to put by the back fence.

Gardens are wonderful fun, but they do eat time and money. Since the last garden blog I have bought: peat pots, potting soil, lawn soil, wheelbarrow, 2 hanging planters, 18 plants (12 pansies, 6 dianthis), 3# grass seed, and some downspout extenders which are not technically garden supplies except that they will be used to push the gutter water away from where it will drown the house plantings.

Still, it is much more fun to play in the dirt than it is to grade papers.

Speaking of which, time to prep class and then grade a few more papers. I will plant the last six pansies in the front tomorrow.

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