Saturday Garden Blogging

April 17, 2004

I have not done much gardening since the last big garden blogging - we had several days of rain and I am still waiting for the bit by the house to dry up so I can start spading in a garden.

The potted peppers and tomatoes are doing well and I repotted the coleus into separate growing pots - looks like I will get a lot of those even though my other flower seeds were all miserable failures.

I moved the dianthus from a hanging basket to the front and put pansies in the hanging basket instead - the symmetry made J. happier.

The roses and peonies continue to grow; a neighbor thinks the peonies are doing better than average for the neighborhood but who knows. I have not yet peeked under the mulch to see if the new roses have died yet; I will give them until the end of the coming week before I disturb them.

The big news is that the tulips are all open. I did not get any good pictures - things were blurry and over exposed, but will try again tomorrow before things fade. The tulips looks spectacular - the monsellas just glow, the yellow emperor tulips by the driveway are a blaze of lemon yellow, and the goofy pink monsters from Brecks really are almost two feet tall.

Below the fold is a picture of one side of the house, with monsella tulips between the cyprus (you can not see the new rose or the tall pink tulips at this angle) and yellow emperors by the drive. The flag is a Continental Flag, the flag that Trumbull painted in his picture of the battle of Bunker Hill; the American Flag is on the other side of the house. Sorry for the blurry picture - I mostly use the digital for snapshots and am still working out its landscape settings.

a picture of a house with a flag and flowers

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