Car buying mistakes

April 25, 2004

1, Get a price for the trade-in from one of those "we buy cars" places.

2, Negotiate the price of the new vehicle BEFORE trade in. Don't get pressured into throwing in the trade car.

3, Get internet prices from all local vendors before going in to bargain at any. Work with the internet sales reps.

4, Say at the outset that we will not sign anything the same day we first drive the car. They have to give us their best offer and let us sleep on it. Because we work better that way.

5, Our only real power is to walk out and take our business elsewhere. Use that power. New cars are pretty darn similar.

6, Make a list of any desired and not-desired options such as cassette players. If the new vehicle is a Honda, refuse to pay a dime for the bolt-on mud guards. "You bolted them on, take them off again - we don't want them." That package appears to exist solely for the dealers to be able to appear to give and still make a profit.

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