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April 26, 2004

Today I did no gardening. It rained and it was teaching day.

Ah, but over the weekend we played in the dirt yes we did.

I say we, because the toddler helped. On Saturday morning we took the new van out and bought dirt - peat moss, some fertilizer, and some topsoil to fix the holes that the hound digs in the back yard. Then we ladled it out into the side garden where the vegetables are going to go.

For the peat moss, I loaded the big bag on my wheelbarrow and scooped it onto the garden a couple of inches thick. I gave the toddler some peat moss in his little plastic wheelbarrow, and he took his little plastic shovel and followed behind me and also pitched peat moss into the garden. It was most amazingly cute, and by noon he was so covered in dirt and peat moss that he got stripped to the skin, washed down, and dressed in clean clothes.

Apparantly when I was between two and four Mom could not garden without hearing awkard cries of "Tuddy hulp, Tuddy hulp" as I came and trampled on whatever she was working in. It is good to see that family traditions remain strong.

It looks like we will have room for eight tomatoes, three legend hybrids and five red alert bunch tomatoes, and fifteen hot peppers, probably nine Thai dragons and the rest Hero peppers. I will put some jalapenos around the azalea in the back, where I now have tulips and daffodils coming up. That means that I will not be planting anything along the back fence this year - instead I will wait for the daffodils to go down and then weed-whack along the fence.

The old roses are all growing nicely, even the stunted red rose now has growth from all of its remaining branches. I saw a little bit of growth from one of the two new roses. Thinking about it, I did plant the root graft too low in the ground - I was not sure if I should plant by the top of the mulch or the top of the firm soil, and I planted at the top of the firm soil and then backfilled to the top of the mulch. Silly Ted. Still, if the roses survive they will (probably) adjust their height. I just planted them Minnesota style and not California style.

Today J cut some tulips from the back and we have yet another bunch of fresh flowers on the kitchen table. It gives me great pleasure to have them there, and to know that they came from the garden. With luck I will have designed the garden so that we will have fresh flowers all summer long and into the autumn.

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Mmm. What a lovely update. :)

Posted by: Me. at April 27, 2004 11:39 AM
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