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March 13, 2004

The roses faked me out.

Pruning encourages growth. You should prune right before the growth season starts. But when is that? Traditionally, you prune when the old canes start to show new growth. In addition, you prune at the end of cold season, around the same time you plant bare-root roses. For me, in South Jersey, the calendar says to prune in late March or early April. But, in early March, we had a warm spell and the roses put out new growth. So I pruned and fertilized them.

Ever since then it has been cold - the only things growing are the crocus and even those are moving slowly. Ah well.

In other garden news, I germinated seed so I could have hot peppers. Once I was playing in the dirt, I got some extra seed boxes and started a couple of other seeds. Well, a moderate number of other seeds. Well, a total of 180 little boxes of seeds, and I still should have started more Vinca. Out of all of that, the things I care about are the Thai Dragon hot peppers. And, of course, almost everything has germinated but not any hot peppers yet. I hope they are just slow to start.

The seedlings are leggy, perhaps because it has been cold enough that I have not wanted to put them outside during the day to get sun, even in the little clear plastic warmer boxes. I will see how the weather is this afternoon and will see if I can get a little more light on the subject.

Crocus are coming up, including some of the crocus in the front lawn. Miniature iris are coming up. The large iris and the tulips are in suspended animation, neither growing nor shriveling. We will see if next week is warmer.

No picture this week, although I might edit one in after I get around to pulling them off the camera.

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