Ashcroft again

March 01, 2004

According to the Washington Post editorial board, Motor City Mess John Ashcroft's Justice Department seems to have had a bad day during its war on terror.

What worries me about Ashcroft, Bush, and Texas-style Justice (tm) is that they seem blind to the dangers that these sort of "stupid cop tricks" and "sleazy prosecutor tricks" hold for the rest of us. They do not just endanger the people who may have been accused of things that they did not committ, they also endanger everyone else because while the unlucky get railroaded the guilty are free to go about their business.

File me with the many people who would have fewer problems with the War on Terror if it were led by different people, and that implies that the Patriot Act and the other paraphenalia are better suited to a government of men not of laws, and that implies that there are problems with the process of extra law, secret prosecutions, and selectively suspended rights.

This editorial is particularly striking because over the last couple of years folks have been accusing the Post of shifting from its reliably leftish anti-Nixon heritage to a pro-Iraq mouthpiece of the GWB White House. Is this the same newspaper that essentially tells its reporters not to bother asking followup questions or double-checking the numbers in White House press releases?

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I'm thoroughly disappointed with Ashcroft in particular, and the administration's treatment of the "war on terror" in general.

But I've also decided bad conservatives are better than good liberals.

Posted by: DFH at March 2, 2004 03:48 AM
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