Sleep Blues

February 10, 2004

Well, today is a strange day for I was rattling last night.

After teaching I was all fired up. I wrote up the class, I brainstormed for Monday, I did some busy-work for teaching, and it was 10:00. I was not yet sleepy so I decided to mess with the new blog for a few minutes before bed. Around 3:00am I finally toddled away from the computer, and I got to sleep around 3:40 am.

J is cranky because, when she asked at 2:00am I said I was coming to bed when the truth was that I was rattling.

I am cranky because I spent my rattling working with the new blog and not clearing away busywork - typing in student names for the gradebook, catching up on back issues of the Chronicle of Higher Education or any of the little tasks that always need doing around the house. So, today I get to do my writing and my busywork.

I am back to chapter 4. I have decided that I do not like to work on chapter 4.

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