Potential Tumult

February 25, 2004

The toddler is in day care, the newborn is asleep, J is resting, and I am writing up the final bits of class prep. As I sit in the quiet house I notice a big difference between the way things have been the last couple of days and the way things were over the weekend and overnight.

Even when the toddler is asleep, as long as he is in the house there is a tension in the air - like the tingle and heaviness that comes before a thunderstorm. It as if the toddler is a tumult unto himself, but sometimes it is an active tumult and sometimes it is a potential tumult. Perhaps I chose the wrong metaphor, perhaps a toddler in a crib is more like a rock at the top of a hill, poised and ready to roll down precipitating an avalanche.

Luckily, these are happy tumults as the toddler is generally a happy man. He runs, he plays very busily, he gives hugs, he waves his arms and makes happy noises (we need to get a video of it, it is quite funny.) It would be much worse if we had a destructive tumult or a cranky tumult looming over us every time he went up for a nap.

But the house does feel more empty when he is in day care than it does when he is asleep.

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