February 09, 2004

Well, class got prepped and I went to spend a couple of minutes with the new blog's layout.

I am wrestling with a design decision. I do want to use the extended entries - some of my blather is better left hidden. Extended entries open onto an archive page - I can archive by post, by day, or by week for these links. In addition I will be maintaining date-based archives linkable from the front and also some category archives.

My first thought was that I like comments in a little pop-up window, not tacked onto the end of the extended entry. So, no archives by post (see Calpundit for an example) unless I go back on that decision.

The default is to use the same archive template for daily and monthly archives. Should these look like the front page - Just One Bite - or should they look different - Sheila O'Malley?

Rather than reading fiction, I mess with these decisions in the hour between ending work and going to bed. The good news is that I am learning more css - I got a float to work for the date archives, but then decided it was ugly. The bad news is that, well, there is a lot of potching and puttering going on.

And so to bed.

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