Clarke to the Cabinet?

February 11, 2004

I see from the Washington Post that Wesley Clarke has dropped out of the Presidential race.

About a month ago he rejected the notion of serving as Vice President, although politicians are allowed to change their minds if they want to. I was thinking though that he would be an interesting choice to serve in a Democratic cabinet. On the pro side, he is smart, capable, and has good ties with NATO and good experience with foreign policy and coalitions. He might make a very good Sec Def, Sec State, or NSA. On the down side, he has a LOT of political baggage including enemies in the Pentagon and on Capital Hill. He might provoke more controversy than he would provide utility.

But this is just speculation as I find myself not wanting to write up the class I just taught.

And so to go read history instead.

Posted by Red Ted at February 11, 2004 09:52 AM | TrackBack

If Kerry were to win (I'm really hoping he does), not sure he would nominate General Clarke for a cabinet position. He has too many political enemies to make him effective.

Posted by: Ursula at February 16, 2004 07:02 AM
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