Underappreciated Movies

January 12, 2004

Via Begging to Differ, I find Box Office Prophets top 50 underappreciated movies.

I have seen, erm, two of them. That is not a misprint - unlike the folks at BTD I am not a big movie fan. Or rather, I rarely make time to watch movies.

However, many of them are at the county library. I just summoned The Limey, and I will probably summon a few more over the next few months. Alas, most of these are only in the library on videotape. J owns the VCR - she tapes gory medical shows, and figure skating, and kids programming for the wee one. To watch these, I will have to check her taping schedule and make sure that I don't interfere with it. DVDs are easier, just drop it in the box and play while her VCR does whatever it is that it is supposed to do.

I have been watching movies a few minutes at a time in the evening after I get unproductive and J goes to sleep.

Speaking of which, I need to get back to the syllabus for next week. I had a molasses-head day yet again - got some work done but very distractable and I have absolutely no idea if what I wrote was any good. I think I need to talk to someone about this, writing should not be this hard. Or rather, staying focused on what I am trying to do should not be this hard.

And so to try to articulate my sweeping goals for the class.

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