January 07, 2004

My wife has never seen my chin. I have worn a beard or a goatee since before we met. For that matter, it has been about 15 years since I have seen my own chin.

But, my beard is getting greyer and greyer, and the grey is climbing higher and higher on my face.

I like wearing a beard, it has been part of my image and self-image since I was in high school. But, I am also going on the job market and am older than your usual freshly minted Ph.D.. I have to wonder if I would do better if I did not look older than my age?

So, I am thinking hard about shaving - either taking the WHOLE thing off (leaving a moustache) or going down to a goatee.

I have been thinking about a shave for a few months now, but I have to wonder if part of the re-appearance of the desire is that I am feeling in a rut and want to make a physical change in order to inspire an emotional change? Then too, I have an interview on Friday so I have to decide soon how to present myself.

To do today - get my ears lowered for the interview (and because my hair is being long and in the way.)

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