Good Bread

January 23, 2004

Yesterday morning I made a loaf of bread - I bake my own bread and muffins but buy rolls, buns, and funny-shaped loaves. It was a goofy loaf: I had wanted to make a standard pund and a half loaf of honey-sourdough, with a cup of sourdough, a cup of bread flour, a cup of whole wheat, a little salt, a little yeast, some honey and some oil. My hand slipped, and the AP flour that was supposed to feed the sourdough went into the bread machine (why yes, I am lazy). So, I made a 2 pound loaf with a cup of sourdough, a cup of AP flour, a cup of whole wheat, and a cup of mixed bread flour and whole wheat, plus a double dose of honey, and the appropriate amounts of salt, yeast, and oil.

It made a good loaf. Between last night and this morning I ate a pound of bread, less the half-slice that the little man had for dinner and less whatever J took with her for her snack. I just wanted to share the good loaf of bread.

In other news, I started writing up a longer rant on body issues, and it is currently an over-long mess half made up of me wearing my pretentious pundit hat and half of me in selective confessional mode. I will see if I can get enough B-level writing time to finish it; today I get to start making changes to chapter two and that will eat up my A-level writing. I get to turn 72 pages of run-on into 50 pages of tight argument, then I get to add a conclusion talking about Joseph Story's doctrine that Christianity is a part of the common law of the United States.

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