Forgetting to sleep?

January 03, 2004

I was up until 1:00 last night. J finally asked me what I was doing, and I replied that I had forgotten to go to sleep.

That sounds pretty stupid, doesn't it.

You see, I am fairly distractable, especially when I am tired. I had headed upstairs around 11:00 intending to check my email, blog if I felt like it, and then go to bed. There was no interesting email, I did not have anything to blog, but I clicked on something while applying antifungal slime to my toes, and then on another, and then on another. Two hours later I had halfway changed into my pajamas, but I had forgotten to go to sleep.

This is a bad habit of mine - it is related to but not the same thing as my fear of not being able to sleep. I have taught myself to rattle around at night, not productive but not going to sleep. I will be making my New Year resolutions over the next few days, and one of them will be to be better about going to bed when I am tired and sleepy.

The only good part to forgetting to sleep is that it makes the coffee taste better when I do get up in the morning.

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