Dating and Sorting

January 27, 2004

Part of the purpose of the dating process is to sort out potential partners - this person might work, this person won't work, and so on.

For that process to work, it helps if you are careful to keep a watchful eye on the process. You can err on either side when you do this, of course: Cat Nastey is upset because Sweet Jezebel has fallen for the wrong boy; DW has worried that she is too critical about her potential emotional partners. It is hard to strike a balance, and so all those early-date questions about what music do you like? Those maybe-we-are-serious discussions about how would you name a baby - all are ways to figure out who this other person is and will they be compatible in the long run.

So, when this lad proposed to his honey by building her a custom case mod computer, well, she now knows that she is getting a sweet, sappy, nerd for a fiance. Link via Stupid Evil Bastard.

Click on the custom case mod and wait for the pictures to load - it is worth it.

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