And so to work

January 02, 2004

It has been fun working at half-speed for the last few days. I took most of yesterday off, I relaxed, I have been reading some fiction and watching some movies on DVD. I have been taking more baby duty and letting J catch up on the work she has brought home so that she could get off for the holidays.

Now I have to get back into the grind.

The hardest part about vacations has always been coming back to work. When I was younger and drunker, I joked that I needed a vacation to recover from my vacation. Things are not as bad, but I do have to return to my highly productive anxiety levels.

The holidays (winter carnival) are stressful for many reasons - expectations of joy, dark skies, close contact with family, alcohol use, recapitulating a year with its inevitable mixture of success and failure - one of the many stresses is the stress of getting back to work.

It is worse for Americans, who stress ourselves. It is also bad for slackers like myself, who only get work done when under a certain amount of pressure.

And so to crank out syllabi

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