January 10, 2004

I spent a day at the American Historical Association meetings yesterday.

I had one interview, and I went down for one day. I decided that I was not close enough to done for me to participate in the resume drops and blind interviews, and that while the lectures and panels were interesting they were not interesting enough to keep me there for several days.

It was fun. The interview went so-so, perhaps because I was the 8th half-hour interview they had done that morning, and the last, and they were getting twitchy, perhaps because I had a headache all day and was low-energy. I doubt I will make it from the cut of 16 to the cut of 3, although since at least two other folks from the same graduate program were interviewing for the same position the odds are pretty good that one of us will make it. Ah well.

I schmoozed with some friends, which was good. I really do need to get this writing done, it is just hard - I block, or I write crap, or I am unable to frame an argument. At least I got some writing done on the train going down. I really am getting sick of being almost done. I often feel like a half-cooked muffin, all soggy and dispirited.

I also sat in on a panel discussion on the job search process, and got some good suggestions about how to craft a better teaching portfolio.

It was a good trip.

Now to post about the train ride.

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