Snakes and Cows

December 30, 2003

Snakes will eat one large meal and then spend hours or, in some cases, days digesting their food.

Cows spend half of their waking time eating, and the other half chewing the things they ate earlier. They are always consuming.

One way that I distinguish people is by the size and frequency of their meals. I know some snake people - my brother is one - who forget to eat for half a day and then consume thousands of calories at a sitting. I know some cow people - always grazing, never eating.

I was reminded of this because the little man is sick - ear infection - and it has thrown his meals off. Today, at least, he is eating larger meals less often. He had a snake for lunch - I was seriously worried that the boy would burst by the end of the meal.

I, of course, am neither a cow nor a snake. I am a hobbit - I like six meals a day when I can get them. That is cow-like, but I also have snake-like patterns. My culture hero is Dagwood Bumstead - large meals, frequent naps, and skinny as a rail.

So, six large meals a day, with a nap to recover. That sounds about right.

And, back when I was running 30+ miles a week, I was skinny as a rail.

And so to read another chapter.

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