Sleep be Gone

December 04, 2003

It appears to be another insomnia week. Last night I became unproductive around midnight, was not sleepy, and poked about until 2:30 or so. This was the third night this week I was up after 2:00. And, like every other night this week, it took me a while to get to sleep after I went to bed.

The alarm went off at 6:00. I was first out of bed and turned it off, not to snooze. J hates it when I do that, but having been woken to her snooze alarm while she is in the shower for so many times, well, the little people(1) just turn the alarm off. But, it was a null problem - the baby woke to J's alarm and then everyone was up.

I hope I get through class today.

On the bright side, I did some useful work on the essay portion of my job interview for next week - they send the questions in advance and I get to prepare my answers. The more I look at this west coast job, the better it looks. I made it from the 100 or so to the dozen or so - now I have to make the cut of three and come visit them.

But first, I will have to teach Reconstruction.

And so to finish class prep - I just wanted to whine about my sleep.

(1) As in "The little people made me do it ... it was force of Hobbit."

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