Ooof Dah

December 07, 2003

I finished the first pass at grading today. It took longer than it should have - I was very unproductive last week because of insomnia, but at last all of the papers have been read, marked up, and given provisional grades.

Now I get to re-read them in order of provisional grade, in order to make sure that I was not giving C's when grumpy and A's right after dinner. But I can do that tomorrow; it is much quicker and less draining than the initial read and comment.

Now J reminds me that we still have dinner pots and pans ALL OVER the kitchen.

We have a nice division of labor. I do the dishes, and she reminds me that they need to be done. (1)

And so to chores.

(1) That was phrased for humor. We actually split the household work about 60/40. I get the dishes, trash, vacuuming, heavy lifting, cat box, dog walking, car maintenance, groceries, and yardwork. J gets laundry, bills, correspondence, floors, household shopping, and most of the baby driving. We share cooking, the dishwasher, and baby care.

Feh, looking at that list I am tempted to steal her shoes and lock her in the kitchen. I must have missed some of her chores.

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