Interview prep

December 08, 2003

I have a job interview later today. It is a phone interview with a comprehensive university (MA level) on the West coast.

They sent me a set of interview questions last week - every candidate gets the questions early, that way there are no surprises. I like it - it helped me figure out what to say. It also meant that I spent many hours this last week reviewing their web site, figuring out what slate of classes I should propose to teach, and spinning my slow writing progress into a promise of future scholarly brilliance.

How do you convince a group of strangers, over the phone, that you will: bring honor to their institution, produce students who are excited about taking more history classes, and be fun to go to lunch with?

Later today, I get to see if I can handle a phone interview. So far I have gotten half a dozen interviews while job searching. I have not yet made it past the cut of 12 to the on-campus visit.

I really want this job - it is in many ways a perfect fit for my desires. Wish me luck.

Academic hiring is just plain weird.

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