Interesting tedium

December 29, 2003

I am working on syllabi this week. I need to prep a US part 1 and an Age of Jefferson for a job followup, and I need to have Western Civ 2 ready by early January.

For all of them, I have picked the readings and sketched out the general plan of the class. Now I get to go through week by week and then class by class, pick class titles, and figure out exactly what to have the kids read for each class. For the Western Civ, I am also keeping a separate WP file with my notes on what I intend to talk about that day.

I have spent much of today filling in the Jefferson class, going through Merril Peterson's LOA Jefferson: Writings and picking letters. It is fascinating work, it is also frustrating.

Oh, and at the moment I am assigning WAY too much work even for a 5-credit class. Build it up and trim it down, that is the solution.

And back to reading people's mail.

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