Gold, Frank Innocence, and Mirth

December 25, 2003

In Robertson Davies The Lyre of Orpheus the comic relief is provided by Uncle Yerko. Uncle Yerko talks in gypsy dialect, is only barely connected to modern Canadian culture, and serves to embarrass our narrator. At one point, however, he has an absolutely delicious moment.

He hears the Christmas story for the first time, misunderstands it, and decides that the wise men gave "bebby Jesus" a gift of "Gold, frank innocence, and mirth."

As Simon Davencourt, Davies' spokesman among the characters, points out, there are many worse wishes in the world than gold, frank innocence and mirth. The world could certainly use more of all three.

So, from me to all dozen or so of my readers, I wish you a year with much gold, with frank innocence, and with much mirth.

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