Bloody Chicken Part II

December 19, 2003

Melanie said she was going to try the recipe. So, this time while cooking I decided to make a vague note of quantities.

3 small onions
3 pounds of boneless breasts
1 15 oz can tomato sauce
about a cup of wine
between a tsp and a tbsp thyme
half a head of garlic, crushed
about 6 oz olives (green with pits this time, but whatever you desire.)
1 dried Thai dragon pepper, with its seeds.
about a quarter cup olive oil

mis en place
French the onion (no comments from YOU LeeAnn)
chop the chicken into chunks
crush the garlic into a bowl
break up the pepper, put it in a large pot with the olive oil

heat the olive oil and pepper
add the onions to the hot oil
add thyme and salt to onions
saute until onions are transluscent
add chicken, brown
when almost brown, add garlic
when aroma rises, add tomato and wine
bring to the simmer
add olives
simmer 20 to 40 minutes - until tender.

Serve with pasta, dumplings, or bread.

Oh, and J points out that anything with olives in it is, by definition, hanukkah food.

Ps, the buckwheat loaf was a brick of black bread. It was fairly tasty. I might add some buckwheat flour to my next rye bread.

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