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December 11, 2003

Time for a brief shoutout before lunch. Scroll down to see what I am doing here.

Brad DeLong I was pointed to Brad's blog by Olema from Everquest - someone I used to play computer games with, think of as a good acquaintence, and have never met. You get strange combinations over the internet. DeLong is an economics professor, which is why I file him in the academic ghetto at the top of the blogroll, but he writes general punditry about politics, economics and life. I like him for the usual reasons - he is smart, he writes well, and he exhibits a curiousity about the world and not just a desire to repeat the theme of the day. Politically he is a moderate liberal, so I find it easy to agree with him, but he looks at the world with that somewhat goofy perspective that economics gives you. I was once an economic historian, I worked with economists for a while when I was a computer geek, and I miss that skewed perspective and their strange habit of trying to rigorously quantify lived experience. DeLong's commentaries are not full of numbers, don't get me wrong, but that "so how does it work" perspective that economists share with engineers shapes his political and social commentary. I read him about every other day, and I like it.

Begging to Differ
- this is a group blog. Most of what they write about is political commentary, but they include some discussions of movies, of pictures, of Sunday Comics, and so on. The neat thing about the political viewpoints here is that they are split - two liberals and two conservatives all sharing a desire to comment without getting hateful. They write well, they are a fun read, and I like the mix of opinions. I think I discovered them when they linked to me, I now read them about every other day.

Angelweave I think I discovered her through a reference to the New Blog Showcase run by the Truth Laid Bear. I might be wrong, she might also be tied into the clan; I do know that I like to read her stuff. She tends to write short blog entries tied to a link or other reference, and she has good taste. She also writes occasional longer pieces. I found her because of her review of Eric Schlosser's Fast Food Nation. I am currently reading the book and will put up my own commentary on it later. I tend to click on her page about once a day, knowing that it will probably be a sort entry that I can read quickly before getting back to work.

And there we go. More tomorrow, unless I get bored of doing shout-outs.

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