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December 10, 2003

Via Venomous Kate, I hear about Blog it Forward. The name is pretentious; the concept is pretty cool: take a few people from your blogroll and explain why you liked them enough to blogroll them.

I like giving shout-outs to people, so I will give it a try.

I am systematic sometimes, so I will work alphabetically through the categories in my blogroll.

Crooked Timber is a group blog with an academic bias. Their politics lean to the left, but in a critical way and not a sloganeering way. I read them because (and you will see this a lot in these entries) they make me think. They hit pop culture, politics, academics, and occasionally law. They say interesting things about them. They tend to argue with some of the other people on my blogroll and, and this is the big one, I can read a random week of their entries, learn things I never knew before, re-think some things I thought I knew, and be thoroughly entertained in the process. Thanks folks.

Jack Balkin is filed among Law, Politics, and Punditry because he is essentially writing punditry - unpaid Op-ed pieces. He is yet another academic, and yet another lawyer, so he could have gone above as well. Balkin writes only about once a week, and he may well spend a week working on each item. They are smooth, well thought out, and well crafted. I can count on Jack to take an unexpected look at political events. Furthermore, our politics are pretty similar, and that makes a nice change from the knee-jerk conservativism that dominates the punditsphere. There is a strong liberal case to be made for sustaining a presence in Iraq now that GWB and friends have gotten us there. (My take - overthrowing a murdering Stalinist thug is always a good deed, but doing it at this time and in this way detracted from the immediate focus on al Qaida.) Balkin makes that case, with the addendum that the "out now" folks on the left are (my words) as irresponsible and dangerous as the folks who think that we should roll over Syria next week and Iran by March.

Gut Rumbles I am never sure how to file blogs on the blogroll - do I go by blog title or by poster name. For single-person blogs, I tend to think of them by name and not by title. Rob, aka Acidman, writes Gut Rumbles. He is Acidman on the blogroll on the left. Whatever you call him, he is a good writer. Rob serves up southern fried commentary on fatherhood, why responsible gun owners don't let anyone they love get near hunting season, the joys of raising a new dawg, and tales from his family. He has a distinctive writing style, one that stands out enough that he is now sponsoring people who try to parody his prose. I can not parody him, I am too straight, but I do admire his pacing and timing. He is a darn good storyteller, and I like a well told story. Rob is one of the first blogs I check in the morning as I drink my coffee.

There we go. I will do three more tomorrow, or maybe the next day, until I get distracted and move on.

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