Writing and Grading

November 14, 2003

Today will be a day of writing and grading. The wind is still blowing outside, though not as hard, and it is a bright sunny day out there. Perhaps, if I do well, I will give myself a break and go finish planting those bulbs.

But, the main focus will be on working on the chapter. I need to do a better job of tying some of my discrete moments into my larger narrative. Briefly, the current section explains how mainstream American clergy tried to combine three sincerely held beliefs: the nation is subject to Providential rewards and punishments based on the religious beliefs of its leaders; religious opinion is personal and inviolate; religious establishments and religious tests, and anything that even appears to be re-creating the former imperial establishment of the Church of England, are all completely impermissible.

So how did they square national providence and religious freedom? I am arguing that they softened the Providential connection between beliefs and rewards. I think I can make that argument, but I do need to make that argument.

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