Wet day

November 19, 2003

It has been a wet day. The morning was moist, about an hour ago thunderstorms blew in.

The rain makes me sleepy. Actually, to be more precise, falling air pressure makes me sleepy. If I start to nod off, the barometer is sure to be dropping.

I am in a lull between chapters. I was to spend today grading old homework. I got some graded. I prepped class for tomorrow although it will need more work. I baked corn muffins (easy, I need to do that more often). I drove J to and from work twice (she came home when they had a gas leak in their building). I hit the library and the bank, but am still behind on my mail and my book orders. In a few minutes we will go fetch the second car from the cleaners. It has, in other words, been a slow moving day with errands and a nap.

I sprint and I drift, I sprint and I drift. Today I drifted. Tomorrow I get to sprint again until Thanksgiving - papers come in the Tuesday before Turkey Day and I want to get chapter four revised before then.

I still want to take a week off, play Everquest, read novels, bake cookies, and otherwise turn into a fat slug. But, I often want that.

And so to fetch the wife.

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