Wanted: 19th century women

November 10, 2003

If I go with:

  • Textbook, $75
  • Darnton, The Great Cat Massacre, $12

  • Paine, Rights of Man$5
  • Remarque, All Quiet on the Western Fron $7
  • Marx, Communist Manifesto $6 as is, $15 with other readings in 19th century socialism.

Then I will have a good set of readings with one small problem: we will have no primary documents for half the population of Europe. Which of these should I cut so I can give the kids some women's history?

Decisions decisions.

And, because I am an intellectual exhibitionist, you have the fun of watching me distract myself from writing and class prep by agonizing over what books to assign. I hope someone is enjoying this workplace blog into the life of an academic.

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