Type type type

November 03, 2003

"Another great long book, eh Mr. Gibbon. Scribble, Scribble, Scribble, eh Mr. Gibbon"

I am not quite that long winded, but I did finish scribbling on chapter four and am now ready to type in the changes. After scribbling it is much tighter, I cut out a lot of stuff. The thoughts I blogged last night helped a lot. Now to type in the changes, and read it again.

It is just that I have patterned myself. I can not sit down at the computer without blogging. I tell myself that by starting to write, anything, I get myself flowing with my writing. Getting started is the hard part. Once I get started, it goes well.

And so to work.

ps, I enabled titles and commented out the old comments - part of my puttering with the template.

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