November 17, 2003

I am tired. I have been tired all day. It made it hard to concentrate and slow to work.

I pushed very hard last week, then spent the weekend doing house things rather than resting.

The good news is that the rewritten chapter 3 just went out the email door to my advisor. It is much better. I hope it is enough better.

The bad news is that I tend to work in sprints and drifts, sprints and drifts. I just finished sprinting, but I do not have free time to drift.

Time to get some job apps into envelopes and some more of that TOO MUCH back grading done. Did I mention that I have only a rough outline for tomorrow's class?

I just want to eat pastry and drink coffee and read fiction and nap in my comfy chair.

Ah well.

And so to walk the hound.

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