Time and Planning

November 28, 2003

I wasted $100 today. Actually, I wasted it about a week ago, but today I found out that I had done it.

I am applying for jobs. It costs me about $40 to apply by FedEx. It costs me about $12 to apply by US Priority Mail. It costs me about $6 to apply by US regular mail. This is for my application, my documents service, the surcharge for mailing chapters, and so on.

I lost track of time, got distracted by cranking on the revised chapter 3, and then fell into the drift between sprints of work. I also spent some time being depressed: "why should I apply, I can't even write a chapter." So, I missed two deadlines and came down to the wire on four more.

Then, when I was frantically digging through my papers to find my teaching evaluations for last semester, I found two more letters that had been written but not mailed! I seem to have had a serious self-destructive streak going earlier this month.

So, I got the job letters out. But, I spent too much on them. I have burned more relationship points. And, having blown my discretionary fund on FedEx, it looks like I get a much smaller set of presents this year.

Ah well. At least one of the jobs that went out at the wire looks like a very good match.

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