Slow Coffee

November 02, 2003

One more random thought before bed. I got new coffee today - I seem to be going through about a pound a week of half-caff. I am drinking it so fast that I added my current coffee blend to the blog template.

As usual when I need coffee, I went to the coffee shop with the good roaster and the slow wait staff. This time the counter girl found a new way to make us wait: there was no line, she was right there to take my order, she had no trouble ringing up two pounds of coffee to be paid by personal check. Nope, she simply spent five to ten minutes flirting with the cook while standing around not measuring out my coffee. Meanwhile the little man was playing with the glass counter before the desserts, so at least we were entertained.

In many ways I am too mild of a person. My father in law, who is a bit of a jerk, would have yelled at her and told her to work faster. I try not to act like a jerk. I know that I get taken advantage of from time to time because I am not assertive in trivial situations. I stay quiet because I have a truly terrible temper. When I lose my temper I shout, I stamp, I slam my fist into things, and then I seethe and seethe. I learned long ago that I could either be mad and miserable all the time, or I could take things a easy and let the little irritations of daily life slide off me.

I am much happier this way, but I do have to wait for my coffee.

And so to bed.

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