Oof Dah

November 07, 2003

Yes, I know I just had an Oof Dah yesterday. I am having another one today.

Chapter four is done being edited and has been packed away in mulch until I finish working on chapter two. Then four will get tweaked a final time and sent off to my readers.

Chapter two is 79 pages long and underdocumented. I don't have the energy to dig into it right now - will eat lunch and plant bulbs in the garden instead. But, now that I know where I am going, I should be able to take the metaphorical chainsaw to chapter two and carve it down into a good lead-in to the meatier chapters. My core argument is in three and four; one and two just set the scene.


Chapter done, now I can shower. (today's shower - I shower as a break after my morning work period.)


Ugh, and I am behind on grading homework. Well, I can work on that in lots of little stints.

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