Morning updates

November 07, 2003

Looking over my blog posts from the last few days, I see a few places to update and remedy.

Kim and Connie Du Toit spell their last name Du Toit and not du Toit. Apologies for the mistake.

In my discussion of fires, I appear to have confused suburban sprawl into canyons and fire zones, my primary target, with Gary Jones' discussion of rural forests. Gary Jones sets me straight.

On the 6th I wrote that Sheila O'Malley is on fire today. Looking again, I see that she wrote her really good piece about talking acting with a French exchange student on the 5th - I just read it on the 6th. Details do matter.

After further review, I do not intend to make any further direct comments on Kim Du Toit's piece on gender roles. I have been covering gender roles in class this week, my next project will involve gender roles, and I expect that I will continue to think about and discuss gender roles - I might even refer to his piece, but I decided it was not a good use of my writing time or your reading time for me to fisk his rant.

And so I go

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