Domain Names? I have

November 01, 2003

Domain Names?

I have a domain name that I really want. I thought about buying it 10 years ago, and 8 years ago, but did not want to spend the money at the time. That was a bad decision. Since then it has been owned first by a small British company, then by a Hong-Kong based search engine and name-squatter.

The name expires today. If the squatter does not renew, the name will become available in 75 days. I could count the days and mark my calendar, I could pay one of the hosting services to put the name on their watch list and automatically request it when it becomes available. Or, I could use a variation on my preferred name. Or, if the current squatter renews it, I could make them an offer for the name.

The .us and .cc suffixes are available now. I think I would rather have the .com, but my preference for that version of my name is low. So, I think I will count the days and keep checking the .whois databases to see if the squatter renews. If they do, I will make them an offer. If they charge too much, then it is off to two-letter land.

As of right now I prefer .cc, one of the caribbean suffixes but used worldwide for personal sites, rather than the .us suffix.

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