Domain Names

November 14, 2003 is taken. So are and I am not having luck buying, so, I need either a new identifying tag or a new suffic. I have been Red Ted for years, I don't want to give that up. And, I like the semi-anonymity of not using my last name for some of my internet presence. (You could probably figure out my name from this blog, but if you google my name you won't find the blog.)

So, or or - I am not wild about any of them. I will probably go with the .us for consistency, although a lot of people are using .nu for personal pages. If I want a separate domain for this blog, I can be . Hmm, domain names are cheap these days ...

And where to host? I use yahoo for my free email, I have some friends who run a web server and have offered me space for free, or I could dig around for more.

But, I should be writing or grading or gardening, not musing about domain names. Back to the next transition. Transitions are hard - I ended up cribbing the compound sentence from the previous entry as a placeholder for the last transition.

And back to work.

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