Crappy Porn? or gender roles?

November 07, 2003

I see via Carly at Pornblogography (NWS) that this is Protection from Crappy Porn Week.

And what is crappy porn? Let me quote Hanne Blank whose idea this seems to have been:

What do I mean by "crappy"? Well, basically, I mean pornography that doesn't affirm what sexuality really should be all about -- or what being a human being really should be all about.

To my way of thinking, CRAPPY PORN is sexually-explicit material that:

* is not produced in and/or does not affirm the principle of informed and revocable consent
* perpetuates damaging stereotypes about sex and the people who engage in sex
* economically and socially exploits any living being, particularly women, children, and members of sexual and ethnic minorities

She goes on to give examples: choking, grabbing, dehumanizing. In the language I like to use, I would say that she likes erotica in various media but dislikes pornography.

To phrase it differently, we can imagine a difference between feminist and misogynist erotica; the first treats sexuality as an exploration between equals, the second treats sexuality as a contest where you should trick, cheat, abuse, and dehumanize the object of your desire. The first is a good thing, although as always I would distinguish between imagination and practice and warn against "sex without love." The second is, well, just plain ugly. It worries me that people like it. And yet, someone must like it or pr0n would not be a multi-million dollar business despite produce products that are chock full of misogynist bullshit.

And back to work.

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