A Writing Plan

November 09, 2003

After thinking about it for a day and a half, I have a plan for how to fix chapter three. I think I can get away with one moment where I break chronology. I will break chonology when I talk about Christian Unity, and put that discussion earlier in the chapter even though my money quotes are from Tocqueville in the 1830s. I will cut out my discussion of John Henry Hobart in 1808, putting a short version of those four pages into a single paragraph footnote when I talk about the era after the War of 1812.

That was cryptic, sorry. Look up or down for a more accesibile post.

It is odd. I am generally a very logical person: I look for logic and argument in other people's writing, I max out aptitude tests involving logic, I kicked but on the GRE on logic; and yet I can not write a coherent argument. I struggle with my arguments, with how to present information. I get bogged down describing things when I should be arguing about them, or arguing irrelevancies and ignoring the central question. This weakness is what makes me wonder if I am on the best career path.

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