A Strange Day

November 12, 2003

It has been a strange day. The cat is sick (perhaps because I fell behind on dosing her with all three varieties of laxative), the baby is sick (simple eye-throat bug), and J is sleepy.

I had the baby this morning, then dropped him at daycare and tried to work. I got some things done: a job letter out, prepped class, wrote a few paragraphs on the current chapter revision, a load of laundry, a quick run to the county library. But I still felt tired, cranky, and behind for most of the day.

That might be why I jumped on Sebastian. As Sheila O'Malley reminds us today, sometimes you should just put the keyboard away and go to sleep. I will re-read my bit on Holsclaw tomorrow and see. He sez I am not being fair to his question, and I say he has framed his question so poorly that it is unanswerable: change the frame and the question resolves itself.

I am tired, eyes hurt, and not sleepy. I do hope that the work I wrote earlier tonight is any good. Right now I am revising the middle, the weak part, of my dissertation, and making every sub-section tie into my overall argument. Transitions are hard. My first drafts are always bad. And I am writing a series of new paragraphs to serve as transitions. This is going to need more editing, yep.

And so to take the hound out.

Oh, at least I cooked an adequate gravy for dinner. It has been a week for meat in red sauce, and for junk food.

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