Warm Fuzzy It is

October 15, 2003

Warm Fuzzy

It is a very nice warm fuzzy when you get a random phone call from someone who wants to give you a job. This is true even if the job is only adjunct work paying an hourly wage comparable to entry-level retail work. About a year ago I sent cold resumes to all the nearby schools. Monday I got a call from a nearby comprehensive suburban state university. Yesterday I interviewed, and now I have two sections of Western Civ for the Spring.

It looks like I will not be teaching at the community college next semester - unless urban research university has an unexpected lack of demand for the US survey. I expect them to make me an offer in a month or two.

Now I have to dig out and update my Western Civ syllabus - and pick new texts, and pick readings, and do my work. Still, Western Civ is a fun class to teach.

And back to grading.

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