Twenty Movies in ten

October 24, 2003

Twenty Movies in ten minutes.

Via Begging to Differ I find that many people are following Roger Simon's dare and are making lists of twenty movies. Simon's list excluded the last 20 years, the others are filling in at the end.

A quick list of great movies I have seen.

Birth of a Nation - not a nice movie, but they do not have to be nice to be great.
Triumph of the Will
Seven Samurai
Ran - yes, that is two from Kurosawa.

Razor's Edge - oddly enough I liked Bill Murray's version better than the smoother more accurate Tyrone Power version.
Breaking Away
The Apostle
Last Orders
City Lights

Star Wars: A New Hope (original print, no having Greedo shoot first) - camp but influential and fun.
The Best Years of our Lives
From Here to Eternity

and here I run dry. It appears that I am not much of a movie person. I certainly can not come up with twenty movies from the last twenty years that I would praise, even if I go back to the beginning it is hard.

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