Thomas Jefferson Day Today

October 21, 2003

Thomas Jefferson Day

Today I give the big Jefferson lecture. I like this one, I spent a lot of time doing Jeffersonia while down in Virginia, I co-taught a Jefferson letters class, and I use TJ a lot in my dissertation.

I am review it in another window as I blog this, so that I can customize the lecture for this semester, and I had a random thought.

Jefferson never had a thought in his life that he did not quickly scribble down on a piece of paper. Many of those pieces of papers were then mailed to his friends - about 18,000 Jefferson letters survive and we estimate that he burned another 10,000 while preparing his papers for his death.

I tend to blog my thoughts, almost as I get them. I wonder what sort of a blog Jefferson would have kept?

And back to trying to fit a lifetime into 80 minutes.

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