Sleep Trouble I sometimes

October 08, 2003

Sleep Trouble

I sometimes have trouble sleeping. Last night was one of those times. But last night was different, last night the little man also had trouble sleeping. I am now very tired indeed.

Baby was cranky at dinner, skipped dinner, had a bottle, refused to sleep, got a second wind, played, got cranky, had a second bottle, and went to bed around 9:00. I goofed - through much of the evening J had been waiting for me to tag out from grading and take the baby, and I had been waiting for J to tag out from baby duty and give me the baby. She got cranky because she felt stuck with the baby while she had things to do for work. Baby to bed, J went to bed around 10:00. I stayed up to work on the exam for Thursday. Around 11:00 I finished that subset of the exam and decided that I was tired and not very functional. I was also not sleepy. Got to bed around 12:00 and drifted lightly - the weather warmed up and I think the furnace was set too high.

A little after 1:00 the little man woke up and started to screech; it was a horrendous sound. I tried rocking him, tried giving him his pinkie, tried moving to the bed in his room, all to no avail. We went down and had something to drink; little man had some milk and some cheerios and part of a slice of challah, then we went up again around 1:35 or so. He was wet, so I changed him. He was very wet, as was the bottom of his undershirt. J had added an extra layer because he had woken up cold the night before. I do not know if he sweated up his shirt, if he spilled milk on it while leaving his blanket-sleeper dry, or if I had squeezed urine out of the diaper while holding the baby, but his shirt was wet. I was putting the bottom of the sleeper back together so I could open the top and remove the T-shirt when J came in. She sent me back to bed and took over on baby. Baby was asleep within ten minutes.

Around 2:00 J got up to get a snack, and I got up to get a snack a few minutes later. I was hot and hungry and not sleepy. My pulse was going pretty fast, in the eighties, and I could not settle down to sleep. Niacin and the frustration of screaming baby seem to have teamed up to keep me awake. J had some cereal, I had some yoghurt, J went to sleep, I stayed awake until almost 4:00. Finally I got to bed. At 6:15 the baby woke up screaming again. I took him downstairs and fed him breakfast, then fell asleep in the kitchen chair while "watching" the baby while J showered and got ready. Once she came down, I went back to bed and slept until 10:00. I then took a little while to get woken, to walk the dawg, and to eat. I am just now blogging before starting my work day.

I am sometimes tempted to seek a prescription for that new tiredness drug.

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