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October 13, 2003

Random thought

I have to write this one down to get it out of my head so I can go back to concentrating on Lyman Beecher and the boys.

My blog suffers because I am eclectic. The sex bloggers do their thang (see the nws blogs on the left). The diary bloggers do their thang (see the Cheese over there on my blogroll). The pundits are all over their thang (see the top half of the blogroll.) I think about sex, I have a life, I have opinions on almost every article in the newspaper and on most of the items on pundit-blogs. I could very easily run small blogs specializing in each of these subcategories if I wanted to divide myself up that way.

I do not want to have lots of splintered blogs. I do not have time, or more importantly writing energy, to write about everything that interests me. This is most noticeable with the punditry: I will start thinking about something to punditize, I will even fire up Wordperfect and start writing it up; unless I can finish it fairly quickly, the idea will pass or the baby will cry or I will figure out whatever writing problem I have been stewing over, and I will walk away from the pundit piece. Most of my punditry never ever gets posted - I have a policy against taking serious work energy and using it to research or edit a blog.

I think this is why my blog is so heavily focused on quick impressions of my life - they are things that I can write up in the course of a single study break. I do write many of them offline. You can usually tell the offline entries - they are more polished, more grammatical, and do not wander quite as much. Even so, each of them takes only a couple of minutes to write and polish.

In any case, I am something of a frustrated pundit. I have opinions on everything, I will not post an opinion piece without putting some time into it, and I do not choose to take the time. So, I almost never opine on the questions of the day.

And back to Beecher

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