Morning thoughts This morning

October 14, 2003

Morning thoughts

This morning we had yet another gorgeous sun rise. The little man and the hound and I started out when the sky was just turning dark crimson and dark blue. We could barely see as we went down the path to the lake. As we walked around the lake the sky kept changing colors and getting brighter. There was light cloud cover high and to the east and the undersides of the clouds were wonderful. By the time we were heading back up the hill half the sky was glowing in shades of gold and apricot. The sun itself was still hiding behind the trees, but it snuck up soon after we got home.

The skies here are much prettier than they were eight miles farther north. I do not know why. I have some thoughts - it might be the little lake (75 yards wide and several miles long), it might be the Delaware River a few miles to the West, or it might just be that the lake opens up the horizon so that I can see more of the sky than I could when we lived underneath trees and surrounded by three-story apartment buildings. Several skies this week, including this morning and last night, have almost been up to Charlottesville standards. It is hard to reach that - Charlottesville's unofficial motto is "yet another beautiful day in a row."

One more thought then off to the office

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