LeeAnn wonders about shaving

October 17, 2003

LeeAnn wonders about shaving with a brush and soap.

I wear a full beard, which means that I only have to shave my neck and not the tricky bits around the chin and mouth. Even so, I cut myself regularly - my skin is just rough enough to catch the razor blade.

I prefer the brush and soap to the stuff in the can - it smells better, it applies more smoothly, and there is a certain ritual to working up and applying the lather. It does not take a lot of time or give me problems because I am stumbling tired in the morning - if only because I often wake up, eat, write, and only shower in the mid morning after I have gotten some work done. But even on mornings where I pour myself into the shower while half asleep, the hot water wakes me to the point where, if I am safe using a razor I am safe using the brush and the soap.

I recommend the shaving brush over the can; folks who are looking for a gift for their honey should consider giving one. There is something to be said for morning rituals.

And back to work.

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